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Our Vision & Values


"Faith in Learning"

Mission Statements

The Federation

"To be a strong, consistent and aspirational learning community with shared values and expertise; focused on learning and personal development in a distinctively Christian environment."

John Keble School

"To be a thriving one form entry primary school with high standards in learning and teaching, with a strong focus on the development of the whole child."

Vision Statements

•Understand that learning is hard work!
We want our children to be creative and try new things
We want them to understand that it is ok to make mistakes because we learn from them
We want them to persevere and show commitment to their learning

•School is a safe and secure place to be
We want our children to feel that they belong
We want our schools to be places where children know that they are safe and protected from harm

•Difference and diversity are respected
We welcome children and families from diverse and multi-cultural communities
We believe that children are unique in the sight of God
We promote British Values as a natural part of our federation culture and curriuculum

•Develop a deep sense of spirituality
We want to provide opportunities for all children to explore their own thinking and their relationship with God
We want all children (of faith, no faith or of different faith) to experience a deeper awareness of themselves and of the world around them

•Provide an engaging curriculum
We want our children to love and enjoy learning and to actively engage in the learning process
We want learning to be accessible, inspirational and motivating for all children
We want to develop a curriculum where children are involved in what they learn

•A culture of aspiration
We want to have high expectations for each and every child so that they can make good progress in their learning, no matter their circumstances
We want to develop and inspire our staff to develop both personally and professionally
We want to encourage a culture of both challenge and support

•A strong sense of community
We want to develop strong and respectful relationships with our stakeholders, including parents, residents and local businesses
We want to work together across both schools to build our school communities and a ‘federation’ community
We want to develop very strong links with our two churches
We want to aim for effective and appropriate communication with our stakeholders

•Celebrating success and valuing achievement
We want all those who learn or work in our schools to know that what they do is recognised and valued
We want to celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups and of each school in an appropriate way
We want to be proud of what we do well and not be afraid to promote our two schools with confidence

•Promote and learn about our Christian Values
We want our values to underpin everything we do in our federation
We want our stakeholders to understand what these values mean to us and how they affect the way we do business