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Year 5 Web Pages

During Summer term 2014, the skilled artisans in Merdon class worked alongside volunteers from IBM to produce web pages on the theme of "Coasts". Each child selected a different aspect of coasts (geology, wildlife, different beaches, etc) and worked hard to create a web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Having reviewed all of their work and found the quality superb, we are pleased to present to you results of their labours.

Please select the file whose range contains the first letter of your child's first name (so "Arthur" is in "html_project_a-m"). Download the file, right click on it, and extract it (there should be an "extract" option). Once completed, you will find that it has created a folder starting with "HTML_Project". Inside, there are the first names of several children. Select the one with your child's name on it, and they should be able to direct you from there.

We hope you enjoy reading the web pages as much as they enjoyed making them.